EVENT: 2013 Autumn Tour- 10 November

Alfisti, and other FOA (friends of Alfisti) are reminded to mark their calendars, if they haven’t already done so, for Sunday, 10 November 2013, for what may be the last opportunity of the year to enjoy your ALFA (or other favorite marque, if you so desire) before the nasty winter weather sets in, and at the same time renew acquaintances with old friends (and maybe make some new friends), and enjoy a glass of wine and what promises to be another first class lunch organized by the club’s Alan Aptner at the Black Bass Inn Lumberville, PA.

Those planning on participating are requested to RSVP by NOT LATER THAN Wednesday 30 October, to Alan Aptner who has worked hard to negotiate the same package price of $30.00 per person, even though this is a busy season for the restaurant. RSVP to Alan at email alan@dvaroc.org or phone 215-321-8312.

At that time please let Alan know the following:

a- How many people in your party (total number), and –
b- Whether or not you (and they) will be joining us for lunch at the Black Bass Inn in Lumberville, at the conclusion of the tour, and, if so –
c- Selection of one appetizer (soup OR salad), and one entree (see menu selections below) for each person in your party, and –
d- Cell phone and email where you can be reached (cell phone is especially important on tour day- please make sure it has adequate charge)

Please note- Participants will be required to be prepared to pay, either by check (preferrable)- payable to Alan Aptner, or cash, on tour day (NOT BEFORE), prior to departure from the starting point. Once participants have committed to lunch with the club at the Black Bass (by Wed 30 Oct), they will be obligated to pay, whether or not they actually attend. This is necessary because the club will be committed to the restaurantfor the final head count.
Also, participants are required to complete, sign, date, and turn over to either Alan or Jack Stoll, upon arrival at the start point on tour day, the attached Driving

Event Release Form. This has been required by other chapters of the AROC for similar events.

The menu offered by the Black Bass is as follows (select one appetizer and one entree per person attending):

A- appetizer (select one per person)
1- soup du Jour
2- house salad w/balsamic vinaigrette

B- entree (select one per person)
3- Caesar Salad w/choice of grilled chicken or grilled shrimp
4- grilled chicken club sandwich w/side of homemade potato salad
5- jumbo lump crab cake served w/rice pilaf
6- grilled half pound all beef burger on roll w/double cheddar cheese served w/French fries

Total price per person is $30.00 which includes choice of one of above appetizer and one entree, plus choice of coffee/tea/iced tea/soft drink, dessert (cookies and brownies), tip and tax. NOT included are wine, beer, liquor, or other alcoholic beverage; if any of these extras are ordered, they must be paid for at time of service.

All participants are to be at the starting point, which is in the parking lot behind the U.S. Post Office (zip code 18931 at Peddlars Village in Lahaska PA, not later than 9:00 AM on Sunday 10 Nov 2013. Although PeddlarsVillage is primarily located along US Rte 202, approx half way between PA Rte 413 and New Hope, the U.S. Post Office is actually located on Upper York Rd (PA Rte263), which is on the north edge of Peddlars Village. If anyone requires directions to the start point, they can contact either Alan or Jack Stoll at rjs@netcarrier.com or ph 215-343-9165.

A small bakery (Town Crier Bakery) which has pastries/bagels/rolls/coffee is located in Peddlars Village and opens at 7:00 AM on Sun. Anyone wishing to visit this shop should arrive at the start point early enough to be prepared to depart at 9:00. Also, please gas up prior to arriving at start point; a break w/gas facility is approx halfway into the tour.