DVAROC Spring (Summer) Tour- Del Water Gap 2016

To: Alfisti and FoA (Friends of Alfisti)

Here we are again into the prime driving season for our favorite marque.  Time to start setting up our calendars for up-coming events.

With the Italian Heritage Festival in Media PA, on 5 June and the AROC National Convention from 15-19 June, that month is already substantially filled up. Members should mark their calendars for Sunday 3 July (yep- 4th of July week-end) for an early summer tour.

Something a little different this year; starting in the central Bucks Cty area (probably Peddlar’s Village which is probably familiar to most DVAROC members) then a fairly straight forward run north up along the Delaware River to the Delaware Water Gap, then cross over into NJ for a short jaunt on what is reputed to be the oldest paved road in the U.S. still in daily use (should be interesting!).A short break/pit stop at Millbrook Village Historic Site- approximately 20 minutes north from the crossing, then return via the tollbridge ($1.00 per car) at Dingman’s Ferry and south to lunch, probably at the Sycamore Grill, in the Water Gap area.

Total mileage is estimated to be 80-90 miles, from start to finish at the restaurant, which is a bit longer than previous tours, but should be approximately the same time because of the substantially straight sections of road, as opposed to the twisting back roads with numerous stops turns.

Mark your calendars now to hold open 3 July — More details to follow.