More Fall Fun!


In case you missed it, the Lime Rock Historic Festival was a weekend of automobile overload!  The 22 mile tour on Thursday night included over 100 classic and vintage race cars.  Racing on Friday, Saturday and Monday was exciting, with perhaps the best sounds coming from Larry Auriana’s Ferrari 1512 with its 1.5 liter flat 12 wailing up to its 12,000 rpm redline.  Although racing is not allowed on Sundays due to noise restrictions, the Historic Festival puts that day to a lovely intermission and fills the track with a concours on the front straight and lines the rest of the circuit with a car show of over 1000 entries.  If you want to see what you might have missed, go here: Bill Stohler Photography

And now for our events update.

Today is the Radnor Concours.  While the weather certainly doesn’t look promising, it will go ahead, rain or shine.  The field of cars is always spectacular.

Another vintage “racing” event is coming up next weekend.  The Coatesville Vintage Grand Prix will be held Saturday, September 16th.  And, while the “racing” isn’t quite Lime Rock quality, the access to the cars and the hometown feel to the event make it worth stopping by.
I received word from the Central Pennsylvania chapter that Faulkner Alfa Romeo Cars & Coffee will be held on Saturday, September 23rd beginning at 9am. They are located at 6714 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg, PA.  Chris Carvell will have his staff at the ready to help you test drive the all new Alfa Romeo TONALE Plug-in Hybrid SUV, as well as the new Maserati GRECALE SUV. After the C&C event, AROC members can then drive the short distance along Carlisle Pike to the Appalachian Brewing Company, where we will find a large selection of Craft Beer, and good tavern-style food. 

The DVAROC Fall Picnic is our next event on Sunday, October 8th.  Mark your calendar now to attend.  The “Petit Mont” has already started preparations and a very nice selection of door prizes is accumulating in our dining room.  That said, we can always use more.  So, if you have any Alfa related trinkets you’d like to donate as door prizes, bring them to the picnic.      

Lastly, our DVAROC Fall tour is scheduled for Sunday, October 22nd.  We’ve received some great ideas for routes.  As is tradition, we’ll probably tour Chester county and stop at a winery, or two.  If you have any interest in helping to plan the route, please reach out to me.

So there you have it, a fun fall, full of fabulous festivities!