Welcome to the updated DVAROC site!

Welcome Alfisti!

We’ve been very busy updating the website recently- loaded in new features and tools to help keep the club more connected. Follow us through the evolution of this site, our goal is to make it easier to reach out to other members, to organize ad hoc club events, post lots of pictures and document the journey of alfa ownership.

Club members:

Let’s chat! We want to hear from you. We’re sending out some emails shortly to learn the preferences of our membership a little better, to find out what kind of events you’d like to attend, and align our agenda for the next year to what you want out of the club.

In addition to what’s become our standard means of communication, we’ve added a Facebook page, a twitter account, a youtube channel, a flickr account. Next up is feedburner/rss, and then a good calendaring application (with .ics file downloads and xml or icalendar subscriptions). We’re still doing some engineering to tie it all together so we can distribute the same message across all the channels (better chances of finding you wherever you hide online).



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