Fall Tour 2012

Can’t believe that November and the DVAROC Fall Tour are again right around the corner again!
It’s time to put Sunday, 4 November on this year’s calendar.
Based on numerous favorable comments from last year’s tour, the plan is to basically re-do the route. The mileage will be about the same but will seem a little different because of the deviations due to closed road sections resulting from last year’s early snow storm- which won’t be repeated, hopefully.
Also new, in addition to the same “pit stop”, is a visit to the “Cane Farm Furniture” shop, for a little browsing/shopping for the ladies in the group (maybe someone can fit a nice cane sofa in an Alfa Spider or GTV!
The meeting/start point will be the same as last year, but initial tentative planning is for lunch at the Black Bass Inn, in Lumberville, PA along the river- just a few miles north of Stockton, NJ.
Additional details will be supplied as soon as final arrangements are completed.
Be sure to put the date on your calendar NOW- before you forget!