The Classics at Brantwyn

Alfisti, this note came in from Paul Merluzzi:


I was the “foreigner” in the green Jaguar XK-150 at the Alfa Club tour on November 6.

I run a benefit car show for the Kennett Symphony Orchestra. It is an elegant affair with 30 invited cars and 300 invited guests. Here is a Fact Sheet and a Newsletter to check out.

The event is scheduled for October 7 this year (always the 1st Sunday in October). It’s the 5th anniversary of the event and we are trying to get participation by car clubs, like the Alfa Club, Ferrari Club, and Delaware Valley Jaguar Club. The 30 (approx.) show cars are displayed in the rear garden of the Brantwyn Mansion. In the front of the mansion there is a huge lawn area that we designate as “The Cool Car Corral”. That’s where we put the car clubs in clusters. We have a committee meeting next week where we will discuss pricing for the event and I hope to offer a discount to car clubs if participation exceeds a certain number of cars.

It is not like most car shows – it’s more like a wedding reception. The guests get a gourmet brunch and open bar catered by the DuPont Country Club with live entertainment. Mike Tate has attended the last three events and has written about it in his Roving Reporter column for the Jaguar Club monthly newsletter, the ‘Purr’ (See page 8).

I’d love to have the Alfa Club participate as a club event. Let me know if there is any interest.



Club members:

Now, this seems like a lot of fun if we can get some steam behind it. If any club members are interested, let’s try to get some consensus going, so email me at and fit this in the club calendar.

Mike S.