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Bob Conlan’s 164 Restoration



In case you are not up to speed on Bob’s project here it is briefly.
I met Bob at an HCCP show at the Massey house. He was not a member at the time. He has three Alfa’s including a 166.
Bob purchased his father-in-law’s 164. He has been restoring this car over the past two years.
His search for parts includes trips to Italy and the junk yards there.
He has restoration photos too which I’m sure he will send. Hopefully the car will be ready by the Tech Session.
I’m sure it is rare indeed to actually restore a 164.

12 Hours of Sebring , March 16, 2013 will mark the end of an era !!!!!

This will be the last year LMP1 class that has roots that go back to the World Manufacturers
Championship , that Alfa Romeo competed in and won in 1975 and 1977. It wasn’t until 1975 that it won , after years of trying, that Alfa Romeo won the World Championship for Makes. The 1975 season was one of almost total domination with seven wins in eight races.

Trying one more time February 23rd Winter Dinner at Lalocanda

I guess the threat of snow kept many away, so I rescheduled for Feb 23!!!!!
The Delaware Valley Alfa Romeo Club is having its annual dinner at LaLocanda Restaurant this Saturday Evening February 23rd at 7:00.
They are located at 4989 West Chester Pike in Edgemont PA.
We expect members of Ferrari and Maserati FIAT Lancia Club to be there too.

Below is there website

Mario the owner is a collector of Italian Cars welcomes all!!!

Winter Saturday Night Dinner February 16th

 The Delaware Valley Alfa Romeo Club is having its annual dinner at LaLocanda Restaurant this Saturday Evening February 16th at 7:00.
They are located at 4989 West Chester Pike in Edgemont PA.
We expect members of Ferrari and Maserati FIAT Lancia Club to be there too.

Below is there website
Mario the owner is a collector of Italian Cars welcomes all!!!

Saving the Family 164 by Bob Conlan

Bob is a new member that I met via HCCP. Bob is an avid collector here is his story of the family 164.
We acquired this car about 18 months ago,although it had been in my wife’s family for many years (this car was originally purchased for my father – in-law about 12 years ago,he moved back to his native Italy about 9 years ago,the car wound up being damaged and sitting at a repair shop for about 6 years ). When we first went to pick the car up it was really in sad shape,5 flat tires,hole in the oil pan,it had not run or been started in a half a decade……it had been sitting outdoors,uncovered with various other car parts and scrap materials sitting on top of was a real mess.I was able to get the car to the shop I use for my other hot rods(2 ford mustangs)Picketts automotive in Darby was a real toss-up weather to attempt to fix/restore the car or sell it for wife Carm,had a bit of a sentimental attachment to the car so we decided to try and rescue it….we did a lot of mechanical and maintenance repair and replacement work on the car (all fluids,filters ,belts ,brakes,brake lines,exhaust,battery,hoses,plugs,timing belt ,water pump,gaskets,tires ,fuel pump were replaced plus front end alignment,tune-up,and other electronic tweaks ).all of the mechanical parts required to get the car running smoothly again were readily available,however the body parts were another story…I do not think the 1991 164 l was a real popular model either in the USA or in Italy. The plan was to get the mechanicals squared away then work on the body and trim parts to get the car ready for paint.i needed about a dozen parts and pieces both interior and exterior before taking the car to the body shop.i was able to locate a few parts here and on the internet but not everything that I needed……as luck would have it I was vacationing in Italy last month and I talked my wife ,who is fluent in Italian,into coming with me to a few junk yards in southern Italy and I was able to locate several parts I needed(center grill,left and right side ac vents ,hood release latch).i now have almost all the parts I need to complete the restoration and hopefully the car will go in for paint over the winter…..when all is said and done i think I will have somewhere near 2+years and 8k into a car I got for nothing ,that will be worth less than 4k when finished but we both love the car and plan to enjoy it for several more years….it was actually a lot of fun searching for the car parts in Italy and I could not have done it with out my wife’s help……..also a big thank you to Bill Conway for his help,insight and encouragement and to Mark and Jim Pickett at Picketts automotive for completing all of the mechanical and safety work on the car… respectfully…..Bob and Carm Conlan

Holiday Greetings to Nick Falcone Enterprise, Thanks for the years of support!

DVAROC.ORG thanks Nick Falcone Enterprises, LLC for their many years of support!!!!!
 They are located at: 161 Rock Hill Road, Bala Cynwyd, PA\Nick Falcone Enterprise, LLC, 610-664-0944. A foreign sports car repair facility in Bala-Cynwyd, PA. Falcone was a Fiat and Alfa Romeo dealership before these cars were pulled out of the US market, and servicing exotic cars is still a large part of their business. Nick Falcone Enterprises, LLC has been servicing Alfa Romeo’s for many decades and they specialize in auto restoration and building and repairing race cars. Ruth Wolf is an experienced SCCA Nationals Driver She very knowledgeable about race cars and racing. 1987 Ruth won the DC Regional Series Championship in FP. Ruth was SCCA  North East Divisional Champion in CSR in 1996.As part of her involvement in racing, Ruth has served on the SCCA Philadelphia Region’s Board of Directors 3. She was Regional Executive in 1996 and 1997. She has also taught at the SCCA driver’s school. Ruth is presently racing her silver GTV was recently built by Nick Falcone Enterprises, LLC.
Vincent Votto is the President and Head Mechanic with a lifetime of experience and is willing provide repair and service or consult you how to do the repair and service. Falcone Enterprises, LLC has been giving Tech Sessions to the club for many years. They are open to topic idea’s  so let them know of any idea you may have. Nick Falcone Enterprise, LLC is a long time member of DVAROC.ORG, thank you again for the support.   Log on their website  for more details.


Radnor Hunt September 8th & September 9th

Sunday Club Parking Limit 20 cars
Saturday Unlimited Parking.
Contact Bill Conway about Sunday Parking

Sunday September 9th is the 100 Car Show

Car Club parking at Concours


**** GATES OPEN AT 9 AM !!!

20 Car Limit on Sunday September 9th Contact me if you are attending.

First 20 have club parking!!!!

Saturday September 8th will be club only events Tailgating, a Tour,and a Rally (NO COST)

Optional Catered Lunch is $30, there may not be enough, but there are other food vendors.

Radnor Hunt Info

Schedule is as follows:

Friday, September 7th
6:30 PM – Barbeque at Radnor Hunt

Saturday, September 8th
8:00 AM to 2:00 PM – Chester County Road Rally
6:30 PM to 10:30 PM – Black Tie Gala, Silent Auction and Art Show Preview

Sunday, September 9th
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM Radnor Hunt Concours d’Elegance
11:30 AM to 2:30 PM – VIP Luncheon served in Clubhouse

I will look into club parking stay tuned!!!