A Great Spring Start!

First, I want to express my great appreciation to Vince and Ruth for hosting our annual Tech Session at their shop.  It was a fantastic turnout with everything from an Alfa 155, Ferrari Testarossa, Fiat Multipla, Spiders galore, and everything in between.  Thanks to Bill and Ellen, we all had some yummy treats to keep us going as we reconnected with folks we haven’t seen in a while and swapped all stories Alfa.  Inside the shop, we got to see Pat Boova’s RHD GTV race car up on the lift awaiting its new powerplant.  Outside, Vince and Ruth’s Twinspark GTV racecar was on view, displaying its many nifty bits.  Time flew and before we knew it, it was afternoon and time to return home to awaiting chores.  The smiles on everyone’s faces showed what a great success it was.  Thanks again, to our hosts, organizers and everyone who made it a wonderful event.  Some photos can be accessed here: Tech Session Photos  Tom Potts also posted some additional photos here: Rocking Chair Motors

After some confusion (on my part) Steve Harter made sure everyone knew the inaugural 2024 Cars & Cigars event was taking place on Sunday, April 21st.  Although I didn’t make it, the photos Steve sent along show what a great success it was.  If you haven’t been to a Cars & Cigars before, you should consider it.  It’s a great way to finish off the weekend, hanging out among beautiful cars, enthusiastic participants and in a town full of great food and drink options.  

And now, for some event updates (* denotes DVAROC sponsored event):

Sunday, May 5th – Mainline Cars and Coffee – Not a DVAROC event, but a great way to show off your Alfa among an enthusiastic crowd.  For more information, see: Mainline Cars and Coffee

Friday/Saturday, May 10th/11th – Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals – The Central PA chapter is sponsoring this event.  Bring your Alfa out and enjoy the scene.  They have almost 40 Alfas pre-registered! Even if you haven’t pre-registered, you may arrive, pay at the gate, and join them. The more,the merrier! Bring chairs, food, and libations if you wish. Faulkner Alfa Romeo is sponsoring a 4pm Friday barbecue.  For more information, see: www.carlisleevents.com/events

Saturday, May 11th – Ragtops and Roadsters Open House – It’s that time of the year again, when one of our premium classic and vintage car shops opens their facility up to everyone.  For more information, go to: Ragtops and Roadsters Open House

Sunday, May 19th – Skippack Cars & Cigars – Looking for some chill time on a Sunday afternoon? Cars & Cigars is the perfect event.  Plant to roll in around 3pm.  See: www.skippackvillage.com

* Sunday, May 26th – DVAROC Spring Tour – Mark your calendars now for this annual drive in Bucks county and vicinity.  The tour route is being prepared now, so get ready!

You can see the entire year’s calendar here: https://dvaroc.org/events/

Get out and Drive!