Reedman-Toll Fiat: 4C Launch Discussions

This Saturday, March 30th, Riccardo Salvia of Reedman-Toll Fiat will be talking about the 2014 Alfa 4C Launch.
Event starts at Noon.

1700 E. Lincoln Hwy Langhorne, PA 19047 
Here’s why we all need to be there:
1. Reedman-Toll has offered the use of their facilities for club events. This is a great opportunity to get good exposure for the club and our cars. While the club spans a large geography, Reedman-Toll’s location is central to most of our membership.
2. Alfa’s pending return will have a significant positive impact on the club. New Alfas means new members, new club activities and new opportunities. We must let Alfa know that the Delaware Valley club is important to the return of the marque. The first and easiest touchpoint to access Alfa directly outside of the ongoing National Club effort is through the local dealer network.
3.  THEY HAVE A TEST TRACK ON PREMISES. And we aim to use it!

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